Her Land 4 Hair

For Women, By A Woman

About Us

The Idea

Her Land 4 Hair was created to REVOLUTIONIZE the Hair Industry of today! We want to empower our woman to feel good about how she expresses herself through her hair, and trust that she will not permanently lose her own hair in the process. Far too many years we have been held "captive" by what others define as QUALITY HAIR EXTENSIONS. We are the largest consumers of these products... yet hold the smallest ownership of the products we place in our hair. 

We want to rid the market of cheap, unhealthy, over-priced products and provide PREMIUM QUALITY 100% Human Hair Extensions at a price that is not designed to break your budget. 

There are some folks that will not care about "exploiting" our ladies just to make a quick dollar.  But ladies we are BETTER CONSUMERS than that. Choose a company that cares about you, your hair and your wallet... choose HER LAND 4 HAIR TODAY


100% Ethical Approach

We stand by our products and take the time to hand inspect EVERY PIECE before we send it to YOU, our VALUED CUSTOMERS.

We take a "consumer approach" with our business perspective. We TOO order from all of the popular sites that offer products to you, and I must say there are businesses out there that are providing quality products at great prices... however there are MORE that are not. 

We promise to NEVER:

  • Cut bundles and sell at full price
  • Sell hair with FILLERS
  • Increase pricing up 700% over cost 
  • Promise one quality of hair and send a cheaper quality

ORDER TODAY and experience how this was meant to be... healthy and beautiful hair for the FABULOUS WOMAN IN YOU!!!

Style & Quality

We offer all of the latest TEXTURES of Hair Extensions 

  • Brazilian
  • Indian
  • Peruvian
  • Malaysian
  • European

In all of the hottest styles

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Mink Curls

Our hair can be sewn into high quality WEFTS, long-lasting CLIPS, Semi/ permanent Bonded Hair or loose bundles for braiding. All of our bundles are FULL from root to tip!

We take our hair through an EXTENSIVE "Quality Check System", ensuring under microscope to inspect the hair shaft, the richness of color, the healthiness of the hair. We offer a "True Length" guarantee or your money back. We ensure there is no odor, no mold and no FILLERS that can harm or damage your own beautiful hair. 


The Woman Behind the Movement

Her Land 4 Hair was born out of a place of love, concern and determination. My entire life HAIR has been the focus for me. As a young child I had thick curly hair that was hard to control. I began to HATE my hair, I wished that I did not have my hair and yearned to be able to style my hair like all of my friends (thoughts of a child). Well my ninth grade year I convinced my parents to allow me to get my first relaxer. I found someone down the street, did not find out her experience, and allowed her to relax my curly thick healthy hair... It looked FABULOUS!!! Now I could wear the latest "hottest" styles just like the girls in the magazines, and I felt good... until it ALL fell out. By the start of my 10th grade year I was left with patches of stringy strands and rapidly balding areas. I was embarrassed, devastated and defeated... until I found someone that CARED about hair and the health of hair no matter the texture or style. 

I began my long journey of repairing my hair and learned along the way. Although wearing hair extensions were a "quick cover-up" it was not a HEALTHY option UNTIL I got my own hair rebuilt. 

What does this have to do with selling hair extensions, you ask? EVERYTHING!

It is important to me as a woman business owner to change the way women wear, buy and sell human hair extensions. "Traction Alopecia" is increasing among women of all races as the installation of hair extensions increase. As a woman that has experienced massive hair loss, I understand the requirement of healthy products being introduced to your fragile hair... and hair weaves if not properly monitored can be bought, sold and worn in an unhealthy state that could cause permanent hair loss to you, the client. 

Her Land 4 Hair is dedicated to healthy hair overall. Whether it is the human hair on your head or the human hair you buy for your head, we are revolutionizing what is best for you! Order some hair today, request a consultation or drop us a friendly email, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Michelle S. Thomas

CEO, Founder